Flexipharm Austrading is a young specialty pharmaceutical company focused on supplying the UK NHS and independent hospital with Better. Critical Care Medicines.

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We focus on injectable presentations of “gold standard drugs” which are improvements on the current products available to NHS hospitals.

We pride ourselves on understanding the conditions where our medicines are used and building meaningful dialogue with NHS and hospital staff involved in using our medicines. We are responsive to inquiries from the NHS and will always provide prompt, accurate and fact-based data when requested.

Flexipharm Austrading was set up in 2018 by Michael Clark, an experienced specialty pharmaceutical company founder and board director. It is a privately owned limited UK company.


Our vision is to be respected by NHS and independent hospitals and specialist procurement and quality pharmacists as a reliable and trusted supplier of generic injectable medicines for critically ill patients.

We are singularly focused on providing novel presentations of established (or “gold standard”) molecules embedded in hospital use where there are one or more of the following challenges;

  • Concerns around security of ongoing supply and/or;
  • Where the current presentation is not optimal for the needs of the NHS and hospital staff and/or;
  • Where the strengths/volumes of current presentations could contribute to medication errors

Led by our founder, Michael Clark, we are agile and responsive and we have no barriers to quick decision making. Our exclusive distribution agreement with Phebra has seen us launch five innovative injectable critical care medicines since 2019, with more launches planned.

NHS Value Proposition

1. We only supply vials - a better presentation:

  • Using vials eliminates the costs and risks from broken glass or glass shards which are common with ampoule opening. Using a vial removes the need for filter straws or filter needles when drawing up drug for use
  • We will launch novel strengths of existing medicines, removing the need to dilute product before administration, saving time and reducing the risk of medication errors when diluting high strength products

 2. We offer savings over the more expensive options:

  • Our target is a price with at least a minimum of 7.5% cost saving versus the current or equivalent product. We will make life easier for hospitals to access and buy our products by always submitting for inclusion our products on NHS Framework Agreements
  • We guarantee we will never increase our price if our competitors go out of stock or we become a “sole supplier”

3. We are a reliable and high-quality manufacturer:

  • Our products are manufactured in our partner's modern specialist injectable medicines facility approved by MHRA, the European Medicines Agency and the FDA
  • We commit to working in a transparent manner with the NHS and independent hospitals and we will hold stock to meet several months of UK hospital demand

Business Model

Flexipharm Austrading is principally a commercial organisation which seeks to acquire exclusive distribution rights to novel or better presentations of injectable critical care medicines which we then supply to NHS and UK independent hospitals.  

Flexipharm Austrading only supplies medicines which demonstrate clear advantages and improvements over existing products.

The company holds a Wholesaler Dealers Authorisation, a Manufacturers “Specials” License and a Manufacturers/Importers Authorisation. These allow Flexipharm Austrading to file and hold Marketing Authorisations as well as to import, certify, and distribute human prescription medicines for sale in the UK.

Flexipharm Austrading's day-to-day operations are supported by specialist providers of quality assurance, pharmacovigilance and supply chain services and the company follows all applicable guidelines including Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Distribution Practice and Good Pharmacovigilance Services.

The company has an exclusive license and distribution agreement with Phebra Pty Ltd, an Australian company that develops, manufactures and supplies high quality and innovative pharmaceuticals to meet the requirements of the hospital specialty pharmaceutical market, details can be found at www.phebra.com


Flexipharm Austrading has an established partnership and exclusive distribution agreement with Phebra Pty Ltd, an Australian company that develops, manufactures and supplies high quality and innovative pharmaceuticals to meet the requirements of the hospital specialty pharmaceutical market, www.phebra.com.

The first product launched from the partnership was Arsenic Trioxide Phebra, a novel vial presentation of arsenic trioxide concentrate for solution for infusion indicated for the treatment of low-intermediate risk Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia (APML).

Arsenic Trioxide Phebra received UK regulatory approval in May 2019 and is available from Mawdsleys, our exclusive wholesaler partner for Arsenic Trioxide Phebra. Flexipharm Austrading has implemented a life-cycle plan, taking needs from specialist haemato-oncology pharmacists to improve the product presentation with a best-in-class in-use shelf life and a novel, first to market protective sleeve and base cup. These measures enhance utility and safety of the product for NHS specialist pharmacists. In September we introduced a new larger vial size, 20ml, to reduce the number of transformations needed to make up an infusion in certain situations.

The second product is Methylthioninium Chloride, a novel vial presentation of this important medicine, Flexipharm Austrading’s Methylthioninium Chloride product is also available from Mawdsleys. Flexipharm Austrading Methylthioninium Chloride vial presentation helps protect NHS staff by removing the risk of sharps injuries which are common when opening ampoules.

Flexipharm Austrading launched two more products in September 2021; Metaraminol 10mg/ml and Metaraminol 0.5mg/ml. These are the first vial presentations of this frequently used essential medicine to be available in the UK, with the vial presentation maintaining our commitment to protecting NHS staff from the risk of a sharps injury which are common when the alternative dosage form, an ampoule, has to be used.

Flexipharm Austrading is planning to launch additional products from the Phebra portfolio during 2022.


Flexipharm Austrading is focused on offering tangible value to the NHS. All our products meet three parameters; better, cheaper and fairer

arseenic trioxide phebra vial


Our products are all presented in vials; most UK injectable essential medicines are supplied as ampoules. Vials have the significant advantage that there is no risk of a sharps injury from the top of an opened ampoule or a glass fragment when drawing up the drug from a vial.

We are also focused on introducing new strengths of medicines which remove the need for dilution before administration; a process which can contribute to medication errors.

* Flexipharm Austrading products are in vial presentations. Alternative product are ampoules. Vials are better than ampoules because they do not carry a risk of causing a sharps injury on opening - ampoule opening frequently leads to sharps injuries from broken edges of the ampoule or glass splinters produced on opening.


Our products have a List price lower than the existing product to enable the NHS to save money.

As our products are vials, this means we save the NHS money by removing a need to use filter straws/filter needles, a cost, to draw the drug from the vial.

* Flexipharm Austrading commits to including its products on NHS Framework Agreements so there is transparency on the price NHS Hospitals pay for its products and also commits not increase prices in the event of shortage of competitor products or becoming a “sole supplier”


Flexipharm Austrading guarantees not to increase the prices for our products if we are in a “sole supply” situation.

Our focus is on medicines where there is currently one manufacturer supplying the UK, so if that product is not available hospitals will have a second licensed equivalent product for patients.

Flexipharm Austrading will apply to have our products included on NHS Framework Agreements so NHS hospitals can easily access and order our products. We also commit to maintain stores in the UK equivalent to several months of UK hospital demand.

* Flexipharm Austrading products will have an NHS or List Price lower than the competitor product
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